The Gold Flower Sweater Black


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Large gold application
on the shoulder
Extra long sleeves
Super fluffy inside
Easy to clean

Sweatshirt quality:
50% Organic Cotton 50% Recycled PES
Made in Portugal

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The SOME EDEN THE GOLD FLOWER sweatshirt catches the light with every movement in its golden and sparkling stones and sequins. The special thing about THE Gold Flower sweatshirts is the combination of luxury with the jewellery on the shoulder, the casual comfort and the exceptional quality.
The organic cotton gives the sweatshirt its easy-care and skin-friendly wearing comfort. Thanks to the recycled polyester, the inside of the sweatshirt is super soft and fluffy. Every single sweatshirt is made in Portugal and the gemstones are applied to the shoulder with great care in Germany.

Each sweatshirt is a small work of art in itself and wants to be treated just as sensitively. Every THE GOLD FLOWER sweatshirt should be washed by hand. That way the stones and sequins will sparkle endlessly.

Leave a little sparkle wherever you go

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