The Luxe Mask White


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Oeko-Tex certified cotton
Flexible nose piece
2 additional filters
1 disinfectant spray

100% Oeko-Tex cotton
Made in Germany

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The Some Eden The Luxe mask is a real compliment catcher. It turns the necessary mouth and nose protection into a luxurious fashion accessory. The mask is washable and therefore reusable. It consists of two-ply, pure Oeko-Tex certified cotton. It is pleasantly soft, light and therefore perfect to wear over a long period of time. The mask has a nose clip and thus closes optimally on the face. This makes it ideal for people who wear glasses. In addition to the SOME EDEN The Luxe mask there are 2 filter pads. The filter can be placed directly in the filter opening provided for this purpose. The well-designed cut of the semicircular mask creates an open space under the nose, which ensures a more comfortable fit. The elastic bands are also made of pure Oeko-Tex certified cotton in the form of a cord. The straps are very stretchy, very soft and hardly noticeable when worn. The Luxe mask is a makeshift mask and not a medical face mask. It cannot protect against bacteria or viruses.
However, wearing the makeshift mask can help prevent droplets from spreading uncontrollably and the wearer touching their face less often. Each mask is a small work of art in itself and would like to be treated just as sensitively. In general, breathing masks should be washed after each wear. We have conjured up an easier and faster solution. With every The Luxe mask we supply a certified virus disinfectant in a small pump spray. The mask can be disinfected quickly and easily after each wear. In addition, due to its size, the spray can always be carried in your handbag and can also be used to disinfect your skin. Each mask, including the stones, is pre-washed and disinfected so that it can be worn directly. For perfect cleaning, douse the mask with hot water in the sink, for example, and add normal washing powder. After stirring with a spoon, for example, you can rinse the mask cold, squeeze out the remaining water and let it dry on the heater or a towel. As soon as it is dry it can be ironed if necessary. The stones should be covered with a cloth.

The Luxe mask is no longer just a mask, it is a fashion statement.

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