The Luxe Sage Cotton Jogger


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Super fluffy insides
Easy care
The joggpants comes with a
Wash bag included

Sweatshirt Quality:
85% Organic Cotton 15% Recycled PES

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SOME EDEN THE LUXE Raw Cotton sweatpants catch the light in its clear and sparkling stones with every movement. Like a tiara made of numerous diamonds. They sparkle with every ray of light that hits the gemstones on the side pockets. What makes THE LUXE Raw Cotton Joggers so special is the combination of luxury with the jewelry on the pockets, casual comfort and exceptional quality.
 The organic cotton gives the jogger its easy-care and skin-friendly comfort. Thanks to the recycled polyester, the inside of the jogging pants is super soft and fluffy.
With all THE LUXE joggers from the Fair Trade Raw Cotton collection, you can directly see the natural look of cotton. Since they are not dyed you can see so wonderful, tiny particles of the original cotton plant, such as small seed particles. They provide the original cotton look.

Each pair of sweatpants is a small work of art in itself and would also like to be treated just as sensitively. Each THE LUXE jogger comes with an exclusive wash bag. With him, the hoodie can be washed at any time quite relaxed at 30 ° in the wool wash cycle and without spinning in the machine. So the stones will sparkle endlessly.

Show your natural soul and leave a little sparkle wherever you go

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